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October Art Happenings in LA

Honoring the Sea 2008

October is set to be the most happening art month in Los Angeles, with two massive events across the LA county: the World Festival of Sacred Music, which opens with the free and amazing Honoring the Sea on October 1st…

Photo of the Day: Japanese Garden at Descanso.

Japanese Garden at Descanso

One of my absolute favorite places in the Los Angeles area, Descanso Gardens is an enchanting wonderland of shaded woods and fragrant flowers. Entering the gardens instantly takes me to a different world, where time stands still in the Camellia…

Photo of the Day


A Perfect Rose, Huntington Gardens, California “The fairest thing in nature, a flower, still has its roots in earth and manure.” ~ D.H. Lawrence

Mardi Gras in Los Angeles

Mardi Gras

It was Big Fatty, or Fat Tuesday, last week – the final day of Carnaval celebrations around the world.  I can’t resist posting this video footage I shot at a Fat Tuesday celebration thrown by my friends from Swing Brazil…

Celebrating the best of Rio de Janeiro in Southern California


Every third Sunday of September, SambaLá Samba School presents a Brazil-style Street Carnaval party on the streets of downtown Long Beach.  The Carnaval has grown to be the second-largest all-Brazilian event in the US, only behind New York’s Brazilian Day. …