Multi-cultural, spiritual, and a global creative soul, I spent over a decade living, studying and working in cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and traveling everywhere else.


I lived in Singapore after getting my MBA in Marketing from NYU. There I found myself part of the first editorial team at Harper’s Bazaar. As the Beauty Writer, I wrote, interviewed, sourced products, styled shoots, and was the recipient of way too many beauty products, spa services, press junkets, chocolate cakes, and flowers.

It was at Bazaar that I discovered a passion for turning my travel experience into informative stories. Since then I’ve written travel features for English-language lifestyle publications in Asia, including Spa Asia and The Bangkok Post ‘the magazine’.

Now based in Los Angeles, I create social media content strategy and digital marketing campaigns for some cool brands, focusing on Beauty and LOHAS. Contact me or find me on Twitter @sambayogi if you’re ready to step up your social media strategy and digital presence. Click here to go to my social media portfolio and recommendations on Google Doc.

Living in LA reminds me of stories I’ve read about Paris in the twenties. We live in interesting times, and Los Angeles is the creative hub where interesting characters, stories, and events meet.

I don’t travel as much now, but when I do, it is to deepen my understanding of the forces of nature.

Published travel features and highlights of social media projects are available at http://www.vickygoes.com/portfolio/.

Video clips are available at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSambaYogi.